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Why you shouldn’t talk about your ex girlfriend on an online dating site!

There are many instances in which a guy messes up a date due to a very trivial reason. The reason, though not juvenile, is very harmful for dates. Talking about your ex girlfriend to your new find on an online dating site have ruined a lot of dates. The feeling of parting from your previous girlfriend can be sometimes overwhelming. And during unlucky and bad times, you might very well find another perfect match just after your breakup. Chances are that you can start a new love life all over again, but somehow you might still not be over your ex girlfriend. As bad as it sounds, it can lead to very bad reactions from your newly found date. The primary reason why this is considered a major turn off is that your new date is/will not be interested in your ex girlfriend ever in her life. Imagine putting yourself in her position and listen to all the whines you make. The girl will leave you in no time and there is a very good chance that she would never talk to you again.

There are several things which you can do to make this not happen. “Time heals us all”. Give yourself a lot of time to get over your ex girlfriend. You would not certainly want to talk to your ex girlfriend again as it might add to the depression. Breakup definitely means that your relationship has not worked out and it is time to move on. After a recent breakup, it will be a good idea to remove everything that would remind you of her. These might include her pictures, accessories, gifts, etc.

Being egoistical or cocky is a major turnoff for your new date too. Though, most definitely you would blurt out a word or two about your past relationship, it is something to be avoided at all costs. In fact even if your new date asks about your ex (which is possible!), you can simply avoid the topic by telling “Lets discuss that sometime else”. It totally up to you to change the topic and a successful date depends on how good you do it. A very direct or honest approach can also be made: You can always tell her “I will not discuss about my past relationships with you”. This would make her spirits high and she would most definitely start liking you. It is also very important not to talk about your past sexual encounters with others too.

It is also necessary for you to choose a dating site which would provide you with complete privacy about your actions. For instance at no cost should the site reveal any past chats with another user publicly or so. It is advisable to research on the net about genuine dating sites, as there are a lot of non genuine sites out there. Any hint regarding your past relationship might make her feel extremely insecure. Be confident about yourself and make her feel that she is special.

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